Stage of the travel

The trip by car for 5 days led us in many nooks and crannies and Scotland. This rich experience and beautiful landscapes that remain engraved in the memories deserves to have to. The main steps are detailed in this section.

The city of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland since 1437, is one of the largest cities of this country. Very touristy, it is possible to find the Royal Museum of Scotland, Holyrood Palace, the birthplace of the first Harry Potter book (this is a bar where the author was used to s 'there to write his novel.

Around Stirling there are two main destinations for tourists visiting the Stirling Castle and the William Wallace monument.

The castle, historically important for its location, is one of the largest in Scotland. With regard to the William Wallace monument, it is a relatively new monument commemorating the legendary Scottish hero William Wallace.

The small village known as Invermoriston, near Loch Ness, is especially interesting for its small corner of paradise preserved. There is an old bridge (built in 1813) on which it is possible to enjoy the falls of the river Moriston.

North of Loch Ness, it is possible to find Inverness, a city which was capital of the Highlands self. Knowing that this is one of the main shopping areas, this city is richly supplied stores. The best time to visit it in September because there is an important competition bagpipe.

Located on the lake Loch Carron, Lochcarron City is a pretty small place. The lake is a wonderful place to do ricochets and perhaps see the seals.

Apart from the small village of Sconser lies splendid hiking trail. These mountains very isolated from modern civilization leave discover magnificent landscapes. These green wedges preserved deserves to get arrested.

Castle Lower Ardelve is one of the biggest tourist spots in Scotland. To be more precise it is one of 20 free attractions in Scotland attracts more visitors. Also, this castle was the setting for many films, including Highlander and The World is Not Enough (James Bond).

The town of Fort William is located near Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the United Kingdom (1344 meters). Not far from this city is key in relation to Harry Potter since the train and the bridge that were found in the series is located in the vicinity.

Largest city in Scotland, Glasgow accounts for more than 580,000 inhabitants (in 2006). This makes a sort of economic capital. The disadvantage is that this city is not for tourists. There was no special attraction in Glasgow, apart from the shops and buildings.