As capital of Scotland since 1437, Edinburgh is the second largest Scottish city. The stop in this city for tourists is almost mandatory, as the attractions are numerous.
Monuments to visit are multiple, as the Castle (about £ 12 for the visit), the Royal Museum of Scotland, Holyrood Palace, ...

Royal Museum of Scotland
This museum, also called the Royal Museum of Scotland is free is interesting. You will find among others the sheep Dolly, the first cloned mammal in history.
In addition, at the top of this building is a view of the city awaits you.

Palace of Holyroodhouse
This palace is one of the official residences of the kings and queens of Scotland and the Queen Elizabeth II. This building can be visited, except when a member of the royal family is staying. Unfortunately, I came across a bad time so I do not have to visit.

The Elephant House
This coffee is known for being the birthplace of Harry Potter as the author J. K. Rowling was his habit to drink a coffee while writing the first volume of the adventures of Harry Potter.