Various steps and information

The main steps of this journey do not stop and discover beautiful little corner. In addition, some information must be shared, that is why this section "other" was created.

Auchentoshan Distillery is a good tourist stop if you want to know how a whiskey distillery. The tour lasts approximately 30 minutes and continues a quarter of an hour you can enjoy their whiskey.
It takes £ 5 if you visit the "normal". If you can afford and want to enjoy a little more, there is the opportunity to visit the VIP.

The lake of Loch Ness is one of the destination. Although this is a lake like many others, the legend of the monster forcing tourists to stop and take a look. Even if there is small chance of seeing the monster, it is still possible to see beautiful landscapes. It is also a way to say "I'm gone."

Scottish roads are quite dangerous. Since much of the trip is to drive makes sense to talk about it a little. There are many blind summit, major highways one-way (several tens of kilometers), the zig-zag ...

A good map or GPS are required to travel in peace and avoid getting lost.

Do you know?

Personalities come to countries such as the inventor of the telephone, the actor Sean Connery, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Gordon Brown.

In addition, the Harry Potter saga was filmed largely in Scotland. By visiting the right areas you can see the "Hogwarts Express". The photo is attached to the dock to the station in the first Harry Potter film.