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Edinburgh station

The main station is Edinburgh Waverley station. It is located in the city center and used by 13 million passengers per year. The clock of this station is deliberately delayed 3 minutes, thus travelers who are a little late rush all the more so as not to miss their train.

Unfortunately, the magic of this trick loses all its charm when one learns.

Scottish people

Gordon Brown: Current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, this politician was born in Giffnock, Scotland.

Sean Connery: Actor renowned international, Sean Connery is a Scottish actor born in Edinburgh on 25 August 1930. Among the great films he shot, it is possible to record movies from the James Bond saga, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, ...

James Watt: Grand engineer and mathematician, his work on the steam engine was a major technological breakthrough for its time.

David Jones: This name does not tell you much, but this man is a programmer, game designer and co-create the Grand Theft Auto series.

John Boyd Dunlop: Scottish Inventor who founded the company with the same name. In 1887 he had the idea to put a rubber tube around the tire wooden bicycle to his son. The immediate success of this tire is dazzling.

Alexander Graham Bell: inventor is born in Edinburgh on 3 March 1847. His greatest invention known and widely used today: the phone.

Robert Burns: Poet Scottish symbol of Scotland, the man was known as Scotland's favorite son (favorite son of Scotland). His work, filled with great sensitivity to participate in the emergence of Romanticism.

Harry Potter saga

The Harry Potter saga was filmed in large part to Mallaig, Scotland. In summer, the locomotive used during the film (the Hogwarts Express) is visible. In addition, the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which is visible in the film may be borrowed by the train. This is an excellent tourist destination for fans of the saga.